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Two images of a mystery

This would be the profile of the Boeing and the location of the forms attached to the fuselage according to the results of the digital analysis to which the photographs were subjected.

The photographs shown in this report were subjected to a digital contour-detection analysis by Amparo Sacristán, professor in the department of computer architecture and telecommunications, and specialist in micro-electronics and image processing, at La Escuela Universitária Politecnica de Mataró. Her conclusions are listed below:
  • The studied images have been taken from different angles of observation.
  • The cylindrical objects detected in the images of 11 September do not appear in the Boeing 767-300. These objects can not be the result of shadows provoked by the angle of incidence of the sun on the plane, as they always appear with the same shape and size, though with varying luminosity.
  • The detected objects have varying luminosity around them due to their relief (this is the only possible explanation).
  • The detected objects are clearly distinct from the landing gear.
Open full report by La Escuela Universitária Politecnica de Mataró